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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of answers to frequently asked questions. If you have other questions free to reach out to hello@woozu.co for support.

About Woozu
What is Woozu?
Woozu is the 1:1 matching platform with the professionals at your needs. Once you submit your request, we connect you to an area of an expertise so that you can voice chat with a person and save time hustling for real time data. Korea is one of the fastest growing economy yet it's tough for foreigners to access to Korean market due to its language barrier. Now we help you connect with Korean market expertise from any topic from anywhere in the most effective way. 
What does Coffee Chat mean?
A coffee chat, also known as an informational interview or coffee interview, is an informal, in-person or virtual meeting with an experienced professional to learn more about a specific company, an industry, or that individual's career path and role.
Why do I need Coffee Chat? I have Korean friends.
Lucky you! We want to create a place where you can find answers related to Korea for any situation you face.
About Experts
Who are the experts? 
All Woozu experts are verified partners who have passed a screening process, from email verification and certificate submission of their company/school to review when they join the Woozu Coffee Chat Expert Group.