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Learn a language for free by chatting with Locals from Korea

Apply for 1:1 conversation with native Korean

How It Works

1. Choose the person you want to talk to

Apply for a conversation with someone in a topic or category of interest.

2. Reserve

Select the time you want to chat from the partner calendar and press the "Schedule" button.

3. Start the chat!

Begin 1:1 voice chat using Google Meet.

The Ultimate Korean App

Interactive speaking, writing, listening with a local

Text, Voice, and Video

Chat with language partners using Google Meet or whatever your communication your preference! 

Learn from Your Mistakes

Your local partner will help you improve your Korean using text, voice mesages or video chats! 

Stay Excited for the New Match

Enjoy different conversations  with your language partners and also get extra 10% off by signing up our bundle kit! You can choose to talk with a different partners of the same partner of your choice!

Learn the Natural Way

Practice languages and immerse in culture with the locals. Practicing with the locals makes learning fun and lets you learn about the local cultures too! Supercharge your language journey with us now!

It's the "Nuance"

It's more than constant self practice, knowing how to pronounce but also about communication between the two. 

Explore new cultures, and make a local friend. Learn the actual usage from the native speaker. 


We are luanching our 2nd beta in November 2022.

This exlusive offer ends on Oct 31, 2022 00:00 sharp at UTC

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