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Your Peer Tutors 

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How it works

On your demand 1 : 1 conversation

1. Select the peer tutor 

Choose a  topic you want to know more of. Arrange time and get started with your first chat request. 

2. Select the talking time focused only for you from as short as 10 mins to 20 mins. 

Tell us what language you want to speak with - choose between English or Korean.

3. 1:1 conversation with the peer will help you improve your Korean

Enjoy talking

Qualified peer tutors waiting to talk with you

Meet Real Korean, Meet Real Tutor


To matched


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customized for you

Get more done together

Supercharge your language journey in from words to sentence speaking listening and writing


24 hour live match and enjoy conversation with a peer tutor. If you are looking for a language tutor who is both casual and dedicated, you're at a right place. 


Constant review from your peer tutor and the provide you recording of how to pronounce the specific words or sentences you have questions with.


Practice languages and immerse in culture with your peer tutor. They correct your texts immediately.

Learn the Natural Way

Practicing with the peer tutor makes learning fun and lets you learn about the local cultures too! 

Peer Tutor Helps

Technology Boosts

When you record your voice, we provide you the right pronounciation and help you improve better learning. You can save the words and sentences to remeber for constant review.

Don't Study

Just Hang Out 


We are luanching our 2nd beta in November 2022.

This exlusive offer ends on Oct 31, 2022 00:00 sharp at UTC