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Korean Local Friend!

Woozu provided me an experience to get to know locals better and it's such an exciting experience!

Korean Peer Tutor

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"Sam" is a friendly way of saying teacher in Korean. We're here to help you get to know more about Korea.


The Most Exciting 10 mins.

Your local peers are both fun and carefully selected. Talk about any topics you are interested regarding Korea.

The Focus

Why Choose Woozu

Reveiwed & authenticated "Sam"

1:1 personalized learning and speaking platform built for you


How It Works?

Follow the steps now and jump into the call.


Select "SAM"

Select the tutor you and pick the time you want to speak with the tutor.



Meet the tutor from the email sent from us.(A reminder email will be sent 30 minutes before the chat begins.)


Start the chat!

Talk to topics you want to talk to for 10 minutes. (Korean conversation is recommended regardless of your skills.)

What Our Users Say

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[K-Food] What's the secret receipe for Korean rice cake?
백종원 (Baek Jong-won) is a famous Korean chef, restaurateur, and TV personality who has shared many recipes over the years....
[Living in Korea] What does Samiljeol mean?
March 1st is a very important national holiday in South Korea, known as "Samiljeol" or "Independence Movement Day". It commemorates...
[Travel] Does Google map work in Korea?
Yes, Google Maps works in Korea and so as Apple Maps too. However, there may be some limitations to its...

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